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At Kaulana Na Pua 'O Hawaii/Ehulani's Otea, we know you have several options when choosing to invest a performance arts experience. We appreciate the opportunity to offer a quality dance foundation that promotes a respect and an understanding for the art and beauty of Polynesian dance. 

Polynesian dance is the art of the Hawaiian and Tahitian dance, a choreographed interpretation of a poetic text, or mele, which combines pictorial hand and arm gestures with rhythmic lower-body movements. Far more than just a dance, it expresses all that we see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel. For many Polynesian people, it is also a way of life. 

An introduction to the basic hands and footwork of the dances, the class will concentrate on the fundamentals of the hula and tahitian dancing with strong emphasis on movement, posture, and relaxation.

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